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AKALIN family, who have been serving in the marble industry for three generations,  has re-joined the marble industry with the 4th generation in 2013. Marble laying art, which began with Pasha Mehmet, who was the polisher of the Dolmabahce Palace during the last period of the Ottoman empire, has been passed through generations within our family till today. During this long time, many building, park and bazaar have the AKALIN signature through their marble-granite or travertine structures.

AKALIN family, who has served as a pioneer in the marble industry as marble and construction contractors, re-entered the sector with the 4th generation in 2013 after a period of a break, under the name of AKAMAR Marble Construction Consulting Industry and Trade Ltd. Co.

Akamar Marble and construction is happy to share the knowledge and experience based on more than four generations through production with you distinguished corporation and companies. Our company structure is formed by experts in the fields of rough and fine construction, marble processing and decoration, as well as marble granite, travertine, basalt and andesite products. Our company also provides services such as all kinds of natural stone tiling, veneering, step, windowsill, skirting, counter production and general construction services.

Our company has been one of the most known companies in its market, even though being a mid-size company, thanks to its aim to maintain the highest quality and the will to succeed in the most challenging conditions and never lost its will in these principles. 

The ground principles of our company are always to provide quality services, on-time delivery and reasonable prices for our clients. Akalın mermer has been serving with the tenets of successful production, assurance of continuity, honesty in service, which brings quality. We wish to be able to provide you with the best offer for your projects too.

Who are we?


Tuğrul Akalın

Tuğrul Akalın was born in 20.03.1947 in Ankara. He graduated from Ankara Atatürk Highschool, DMMA Department of Civil Engineering. Following his attendance of Language Courses in Goethe Institute, Germany, he also took different courses upon stone chemicals in Germany. Meanwhile working as a lecturer at Gazi University Faculty of Engineering, he also worked as the site manager of the construction of the  ASKİ General Directorate building.

 He successfully performed as the constructor of many constructions such as Tourism Bank İzmir Ilıca Hotel, Turkish Linguistic Association, Turkish History Association and personally supervised many marbling projects completed by Akalın Marbling company.   Tuğrul Akalın is married and has two children. He speaks fluent English and German.

Çağrı Nadir AKALIN

Çağrı Nadir Akalın was born in 22.10.1975 in Ankara. After finishing his primary education at Çankaya Primary school, he continued his education at TED Ankara College. He completed his higher education at Hacettepe University Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry in 1993. He passed the international IAESTE exams in 1995 and attended an internship program in Poland. He also visited his internship program at Med Lab laboratories during his education process. After gaining sales and marketing experience in different companies and completing his compulsory military service in 2002, he started to work as a sales team member of the Abdi Ibrahim pharmaceutical company. Beginning to work as a coordinator at Mağdenli Ground Services - Pan Aviation companies in 2005, he resigned at the Deputy General Manager position in December 2012 and developed AKAMAR Marble company. Çağrı Nadir AKALIN is married and the father of one child. He served as a member of directory board of TED Ankara College Alumni Association and TED Ankara Kolejliler Athletic Club. He speaks fluent English.



Production, sales and montage services of marble, granite, travertine, andesite, all types of natural stone and quartz surfaces (Cimstone, Belenco, Calisco etc.) mechanic facade lining, step, veneering, tiling, skirting, windowsill, kitchen and bathroom counters, dressed stone are provided by the experienced professional staff of our company.

We also produce custom-measured productions upon request, alongside standard measured products.

Some of our products are Burdur Beige, Burs Beige, Myria Beige, Olive Maron, Emelas, C. Grey, Alanya Portoro, Alanya Emperador Light, Alanya Emperador Dark, Dark - Light Emperador, Local And Import Granite, different options of travertine, mainly from Denizli region, Ankara Andesite stone, Kayseri and Dİyarbakır Basalt. You can contact us for our other products and detailed information via bilgi@akamarmermer.com.

You can find *bathroom linings, Hilton, washroom, bathroom and kitchen sink products or order custom made products upon request.

You can also find dining tables suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes, outdoor tables and end tables within our full range of products.

You can reach AKAMAR Marbling for all of your requirements regarding all kinds of natural stones and application.

Our References

Some of the construction, marble, granite and contract projects completed by M. Tuğrul Akalın under the name of AKALIN MARBLING are listed below:


-Grand National Assembly of Turkey


Aydın Monument

Gülhane Monument

Etibank İzmir Branch

Etibank Nazilli Branch

Etibank Elazığ Branch

General Directorate for Foundations İzmir Salepçioğlu Bazaar

General Directorate for Foundations Antalya Vakıf Business Centre

Unkapanı Drapers’ Bazaar

Hilton Hotel

Modern Bazaar

Directorate-General for Ankara Water and Sewerage Administration

Directorate-General for Turkish Petroleum Corporation 

Directorate-General for Turkish Coal Enterprises 

Turkish Petroleum Corporation Laboratory Facilities                                                                                  

Emek Construction and Enterprise Inc. Headquarters Building

Directorate-General for State Hydraulic Works

Etibank Headquarters

Petrol Ofisi Headquarters

Embassy of Netherlands 

Directorate-General for Turkish Sugar Factories

Directorate-General for State Hydraulic Works

Directorate-General for Highways

Ulus Bazaar

Yüzüncü Yıl Bazaar

Anafartalar Bazaar

Akün Theatre

Büyük Ankara Hotel

Tarabya Hotel

Sheraton Hotel

Istanbul Drapers’ Bazaar

Middle East Technical University

Ataturk University

Yapı Kredi Bank Charity Fund Nişantası Building

Tourism Bank Ilıca Hotel

Tourism Bank Ankara Cafeteria

Turkish Grain Board Güvercinclik Facilities

Embassy of Pakistan 

Embassy of Denmark

Embassy of Greece

Embassy of EgyptEmbassy of Netherlands

Embassy of Italy

Embassy of Bulgaria 



Turkish İş Bank General Inc. Headquarters Ankara

Turkish İş Bank Inc. Başkent Branch

Turkish İş Bank Inc. Regional Directorete İzmir 

Turkish İş Bank Inc. İzmir Branch

Many Private Constructions

Ziraat Bank Headquarters

Ziraat Bank Ankara Branch

Ziraat Bank Dörtyol Branch

Asalet Male Hairdresser

DR Female- Male Hairdresser

Reşat Female Hairdresser

Sergen Patisserie

Milka Patisserie

Structures belonging to Ayduk Koray Firm

Structures belonging to Büyükhanlı Kardeşler Firm

Ankara Governorship Building 

Turkish Language Association

Dedeman Hotel

Kocatepe Mosque

Malatya State Hospital

Trabzon State Hospital

Gulhane Medical Hospital

Central Bank Headquarters

Central Bank Kayseri Branch

Central Bank Antalya Branch

Diyarbakır Regional Directorate for Highways

Akbank Diyarbakır Residences

Akbank Diyarbakır Branch 

Ziraat Bank Muğla Residences 

Ziraat Bank Muğla Branch

Istanbul Drapers’ Compounds

Tarabya Hotel

Istanbul Atatürk Culture Centre

Istanbul Sheraton Hotel

Ulus Bazaar

10. Yıl Bazaar

Anafartalar Bazaar

Turkish Is Bank Headquarters

Yapı Kredi Bank Charity Fund Nişantaşı Skyscraper

Tourism Bank Cafeteria Construction

Tourism Bank Ilıca Hotel Construction

TNGA Milli Egemenlik Park

Turkish Language Association Park

Directorate General of Turkish Grain Board Park

Ankara Water and Sewerage Administration

Çankırı NCO School

AKALIN Marbling has managed many stone quarries in different regions of Turkey, such as Haymana, Çankırı, Sivrihisar, Elazığ and Afyon and the products of these quarries were used in the projects mentioned above.


Some of the completed projects after returning to the market in 2013 as AKAMAR MERMER are stated below.


AKDAŞ Döküm Administrative Building (2013)

Aloha Residance (2014)

Selnikel Inc. Administrative Building (2015)

Dalsan General Directorate (2015) (Staircases and Landings)

MEV Gökkuşağı Primary School (2015)

Private Boylam Hospital AMATEM (2015)

Marmotek Mining Laboratory counters (2015)

AKDAS Houses (2016)

Baylan Printing house (2016)

Aydaş Liman Kurman Lawfirm Office (Bestekar Str.) (2016)

Aydaş Liman Kurman Lawfirm Office (BESA Tower (2016)

Bülbüloğlu Soho Avenue Business Centre (2016) 

Porkekiz 1 - Arnatuvluk 2 Villas, Avrupa Houses (2016)

-APA Gold  2016 (One Tower)

Tekmar Marble İzmer Convention stand facings

Kavaklıdere loft 2018

Türk Telekom  2018


 Alongside projects mentioned above, many projects such as natural stone mechanic siding of villas and houses, quartz surface (cimstone, belenco etc.) kitchen and bathroom counter applications were completed by  AKAMAR Marbling.

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